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Infants (0 - 12ms)

Leaving your baby in someone else’s care is a big step. Everyone at our center—most importantly, our naturally gifted infant teachers—will work with you to make sure the transition goes smoothly. When you step into our infant classroom, you’ll see how much we want your infant to feel safe, loved, and ready to explore their world. Your baby is ready to socialize, learn, and practice a little independence! At Malvern Academy, we meet this moment by providing a safe and nurturing place for your little one to do all of that—and more. Plus, we give grownups like you, peace of mind that your child is right where they belong. Our classrooms, curriculum, and industry-leading health and safety practices offer more than daycare.

Tadpoles® delivers everything early childhood programs need to build strong relationships with families. We use this software to keep day to day tasks up to date for our parents and teachers. —all within an easy-to-use digital solution that also integrates with formative assessment and curriculum tools. Teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. The teacher reinforces the infants’ development without disrupting their daily schedule


Development Goals

Language & Literacy

Infants begin to understand sounds and words as teachers constantly speak, read, and sing to them. Baby sign language is introduced.

Mathematical Thinking

Teachers help infants understand spatial relationships by experimenting with actions and reaction.                               

Social-Emotional Learning

Teachers nurture and encourage infants developing sense of self

Creative Expression

Infants learn to create and respond to sounds and are exposed to an array of colors, shapes and textures


Teachers plan activities and offer toys that help infant develop their mobility, coordination and find motor skills   

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