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Our Mission

Malvern Academy, provides a safe, nurturing, academic enriched program where family partnerships and community involvement plays a major role in the overall success of each child. With a focus on personalized learning. The academic core curriculum is intended to be exciting and demanding, while also meeting or exceeding state and national standards. Our knowledgeable teachers tailor their lesson plans to the specific needs of their students. When students require more challenge or additional teaching, they look for ways to enrich the curriculum. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education will be required for students to succeed in school and in their jobs. STEM is introduced to students as early as preschool through challenging and enjoyable projects that promote problem-solving, decision making, and invention. While developing a love of math and science, students collaborate to tackle real-world challenges.

Malvern Academy is an equal-opportunity employer and is against any discrimination towards customers or employees. Please see our equal employment and non-discrimination statements.   

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